Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cherry Adair

New York Times bestselling author Cherry Adair's innovative action-adventure novels have appeared on numerous bestsellers lists, won dozens of awards and garnered praise from reviewers and fans alike. With the creation of her kick butt counterterrorist group, T-FLAC, years before action adventure romances were popular, Cherry has carved a niche for herself with her sexy, sassy, fast-paced, action adventure novels. She is hard at work on two new series - CUTTER CAY and LODESTONE, and loves to hear from readers. Cherry loves to interact with readers, and she's easy to find on Facebook or Twitter
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For a free bookmark send a SASE to Cherry Bookmarks, P. O. Box 8591, Covington, WA. 98042

Cherry is a really nice lady and she's really fun to talk to. She has tons of books out and my favorite of her series is called the T-Flac series. There are 17 books so far in the series and I've only had the chance to read three so far, Ice Cold, Out of Sight and On Thin Ice.
These books are amazing and she does all sorts of advertisements for them. My favorite are the bookmarks and postcards people hand out. But she also makes videos and cover pics for Facebook. You can find her on many sites such as Facebook and Pinterest. Her books are available on Amazon and several other sites and I recommend you go out a buy her books!

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